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Weddings in China Now Feature Flying Veils That Dramatically Land on the Bride’s Head

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Over the years, weddings and their associated accoutrements have gotten ever more lavish — and creative. The latest trend, popping up now in China, is to turn the wedding veil that the bride wears into a magic trick of its own.

As uncovered by Shanghaiist, brides are getting their sheer veils “flown” across the room and dropped onto their heads from above, in what appears to be a moment of pure sorcery. (It actually all comes down to some ceiling rails and weights, but who needs to know that?) The videos of the flying veils are eye-catching — and, apparently, the trend is catching on.

As some commenters have noted, this is only one step away from a Cinderella-style fairy tale come true. Just decorate the corners of the veil with some little birds, and you have a fantasy wedding come to life. Shanghaiist is calling it the next “wedding craze,” and it’s fairly easy to see why: It certainly makes a memorable visual statement. It may not be for everyone but, especially on wedding day, to each her own.

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