Here Are the Best April Fools’ Day Pranks of 2018

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Sunday, April 1 is officially April Fools’ Day 2018. This year the “holiday” for tricksters falls on a particularly sacred day, as Christians worldwide are celebrating Easter. One would think that would put a damper on April Fools’ Day pranks, but far from it. Brands have been secretly rolling out gags over the past week. Check out the list below to see if you or anyone who know has already fallen for any. Keep this article open in a new tab, because we’re updating it in real time for April Fools’ Day 2018 to make sure you don’t fall for any tricks that individuals and companies are pulling. The April Fools’ Day pranks highlighted in the unranked list below are, in TIME’s opinion, the most believable ones out there — news, products, and services that sound like they totally exist today or that sound like they will probably exist in the near future.

Streaming media player Roku’s remote control in sock form.

The photos of Korean boy band BTS showing off new beards.

The video showing New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis shaving his signature unibrow.

Dairyland’s sparkling milk.

New Snapchat filter mocks Facebook’s Russian bot problem.

T-Mobile’s “smartshoephone.”

Netflix’s announcement that it has acquired Seth Rogen.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical based on Tommy Wiseau’s The Room.

Logitech Business Speak Detection software — abbreviated to “BS Detection” — for video conferencing systems.

The photo of an upside down rainbow in Sydney, doctored for a stunt with Skittles:

The American Museum of Natural History’s latest acquisition:


Fly fishing on the Gowanus Canal (a superfund site in Brooklyn, N.Y.), led by Orvis and Gowanus Dredgers Club.

Burger King’s dessert Whopper.

A toothpaste version of the Halal Guys‘s white sauce.

Soft pretzel franchise Auntie Anne’s line of essential oils in buttery and cinnamon twist flavors which increase “saltiness.”

An Adobe Illustrator feature that suggests places to order food when designers start sketching food.

Sam Club’s cryptocurrency “bulkcoin.”

Manchester City ties a player’s sneakers to the ceiling:

A feature on Britbox, the BBC Worldwide and ITV streaming service, that replaces the British accents with American accents.

Dress rental company Rent the Runway’s announcement that it now offers dog clothes.

Dating site eHarmony’s FUREVER LOVE service to help pets find companions that are good playmates and actual mates.



Two salons offering matching haircuts for pet owners and their pets, the same matching haircuts started by Petco and a separate partnership between Wag and Glamsquad.

The latest innovation in wearable tech is not Brooks’ smart running shoe MILES (Motivational Intelligence Light Encouragement System), a running shoe that can play music, update your average time per mile.

Cars customized based on customers’ genes through a new partnership between Lexus and genetics company 23andMe, so that, for example, cars with special window tinting will be made for freckled drivers.

Jägermeister (famous for Jäger bombs)’s lip balm called Jäger balm.

Porch Piracy Protection offered by Man Crates, an insurance policy that makes sure packages don’t get stolen off your porches.

ThinkGeek‘s new line of products from Star Trek Klingon Language Fridge Magnets to a Bluetooth-enabled Pet Rock.

Smithfield’s new Bacon Crisps, a sweetened corn cereal with real pieces of bacon.

Duolingo’s beer line Brewolingo to help ease the nerves of speaking a second language in public.

The latest in farm-to-table trends: rabbit-foraged herbs sold by Fresh Direct.

Fitbit announced via Facebook that it is launching a dating app: “Burning calories meets burning passion in Fitbit’s first-ever dating app for people who love to walk—SoleMate,” reads the make-believe app’s slogan.

Imgur said it was going to launch its own streaming tv service, created in “secret R&D Labs deep below the streets of San Francisco.”

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