10 Times Jimmy Kimmel Found Out Interviewing People on the Street Can Be Disappointing

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As Jimmy Kimmel has continued to dominate the late-night scene with powerful opening monologues and hilarious mean tweets, he has also managed to turn random interviews with people on the street into somewhat of an art form.

With the help of his Lie Witness News team, Kimmel has repeatedly gotten unsuspecting passerby to reveal that they may not be as informed on a variety of topics as they think—not that that stops them from sharing their opinions.

When asked for their takes on subjects such as Martin Luther King Jr., Coachella and North Korea, interviewees have typically offered hilarious—and frequently cringeworthy—responses to the Live! crew’s questions.

Here are the top 10 times Jimmy Kimmel discovered people on the street can be disappointing.


To commemorate President Donald Trump’s first Martin Luther King Jr. Day in office, Kimmel sent his team out to find out which side people were on in the completely fabricated Trump-MLK Twitter war. Unfortunately, the fact that the feud was fake wasn’t so obvious to some.


Back in 2013, Kimmel trolled Coachella attendees by quizzing them on bands that weren’t only not playing the music festival, but didn’t even exist. Nevertheless, people had a lot to say about The Obesity Epidemic, Get the F—k Out of My Pool, The Chelsea Clintons and several other make-believe groups.

North Korea

Amid heightened U.S. tensions with North Korea over its nuclear program in August 2017, the Lie Witness News team took to the streets to find out if anyone strolling Hollywood Boulevard could pinpoint the country on a map. Spoiler alert: They couldn’t.

Fashion Week

In a special NYFW 2014 edition of the segment, some of fashion’s best and brightest took their turn under Kimmel’s microscope—and they did not disappoint. When asked for their thoughts on “designers” such as Chandler Bing, Betsy Ross and Antonin Scalia, the style mavens were quick to elaborate on their favorite aspects of the so-called brands.

The 4th of July

Faced with the prospect of the Governor of California supposedly rescheduling the 4th of July to February, interviewees made it clear how strongly they felt about maintaining the traditions of Independence Day.

Trump’s White House Renovations

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory, the Live! team took to the street to inquire about his “planned renovations” for the White House, including installing a champagne fountain, constructing a food court and replacing the current building with a 50-story penthouse. Of course, hilarity ensued.


Following the February 2018 release of the massively successful Black Panther, Kimmel gave passerby a chance to prove that they could recognize Wakanda as the fictitious African nation from the movie. Instead, people took the opportunity to weigh in on the crisis in T’Challa’s home country. “I think we need a strong presence there,” one man concluded when asked if it was time to bring the U.S. troops home from Wakanda. “I definitely support our troops. So if they’re in Wakanda, I think they have a reason to be there.”

Awards Shows

Are you a fan of the Outstanding Celebrity Excellence Awards? Despite the fact that they don’t exist, these people certainly aren’t—especially the supposed moment at the 2018 show when Alicia Keys killed a ladybug that landed on her arm during her acceptance speech.

Beauty Products

After Christian Louboutin released a $675 nail polish in the shade of his famous red-soled shoes, the Lie Witness crew set out to to discover whether people could tell the difference between that and a $5 bottle. “It definitely looks like the bottom of a Louboutin heel,” said one woman of the drug store polish. “This is their signature red color.”

Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump may have never actually released his tax returns, but that didn’t stop the Lie Witness News team from asking for people’s thoughts on a few of the “revelations” in the documents. From writing off his marriages as “entertainment” to donating $100,000 to the legal defense fund of the dentist that killed Cecil the lion, the news was a lot for everyone to unpack.

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