March 6, 2018 4:45 PM EST

It’s a surprise triumvirate of powerful women of pop culture past, present, and future: Madonna, Kim Kardashian West, and Cardi B joined up for a photo shoot at Madonna’s post-Oscars party on Sunday night, and the resulting shots are an instant online obsession.

Madge is known for throwing a raucous after-Oscars bash each year. This one seems to have been especially star-studded, with guests including directors Greta Gerwig and Guillermo del Toro and bold-named stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Leo DiCaprio, Emma Stone, and Bradley Cooper. But Madonna upped the ante by inviting rapper-of-the-moment Cardi B to perform — and getting Kim K and Cardi to snap pics alongside her at a photo booth setup involving a ripped sheet.

It seems like the admiration between the music icons was mutual; Cardi shared another image of herself with Madonna on social media, noting that it was “the most meaningful performance ever” for her as Madonna was one of her own idols. As for Kim? She shared some outtakes on her Twitter, proving that the camaraderie was just as good off-camera as on.

Looking forward to the collaboration, ladies.

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