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Jennifer Garner Having an Epiphany at the Oscars Is the Most Riveting Meme

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Jennifer Garner’s mini freakout at the 90th Academy Awards has become a cinematic meme.

The former Alias star was clapping in the audience during the 2018 Oscars ceremony when something important dawned on her. One minute, Garner was applauding like everyone else, lulling viewers into a false sense of security. The next minute, something hit her and the world shifted on its axis because nothing would ever be the same. It was like she slid her own mini-movie into the Oscar contention mix, unintentionally.

Twitter user Bobby Finger captured her abrupt revelation, and posed the question on everyone’s minds: “what realization did Jennifer Garner just come to?”

Twitter users quickly moved in to spin Internet gold out of all the possible answers, and it became an instant obsession.

People related to Garner because it was a humanizing moment. People really related to her because she seemed just as forgetful as we all are sometimes. People really, really related to her because maybe she just realized she messed up the chicken.

Whatever she was thinking, everyone could get down with the emotional revelation. The Internet has been clutching to this moment tighter than Leonardo DiCaprio holding onto his first Oscar.

If you see one film this year, let it be this.

See a selection of reactions below.

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