The Best Romantic Movies You Can Watch on Netflix for Valentine’s Day

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When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, queueing up a romantic movie on Netflix is a fine way to go.

Romance always seems to play out better onscreen — in movies, music swells, the rain falls at the just the right moment and people are forgiven, even if they screwed up earlier. A romantic movie tracing the pattern of a relationship can immediately bring us back to the giddiness of a first crush or the uncertainty that follows a breakup.

Romantic movies, specifically romantic comedies, have been declared “dead” for years. But just because Hollywood isn’t churning out meet-cute scenes at the rate that it used to does not mean that people aren’t looking for a good romantic movie to watch. Everyone loves love. Now, should you base real life decisions off what occurs in a romantic movie? Absolutely not — you (probably) wouldn’t risk your life to save a stranger after watching a Marvel movie, either. Still, there is no need to write off romantic movies entirely, especially when staying in with a significant other on Valentine’s Day beats dealing with the crowds outside.

There’s a world of romance movies out there, and whether you’re in the mood to laugh over a rom-com heroine’s latest missteps or a sad romance that will bring out all the sobs, Netflix has a large collection of romantic movies that are new to the streaming service in 2019.

Check out some of the best romantic movies you can stream on Netflix in time for Valentine’s day in 2019.

The Breaker Upperers (available Feb. 15)

In an effort to make some cash, best friends Mel (Madeleine Sami) and Jen (Jackie van Beek) will do just about anything to end relationships for money. But things go awry when one of them decides she’s not so interested in the business of love-breaking. If romance isn’t really your thing— or you’re just looking to laugh this Valentine’s Day—look no further than this Netflix original Australian comedy, which comes to the streaming service on Feb. 15.

Set It Up (2018)

Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) are fed up with being assistants to bosses who don’t know the concept of work-life balance. After embarking on a plan to set the two up—played by the ever-fabulous Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs—pizza is eaten, tears are shed, Pete Davidson makes jokes and our two match-makers will be put to the test. One of Netflix’s new original films, Set It Up has all the makings of a perfect rom-com. With flirting, tension, drama, best friendships and a Parent Trap-like plot, what’s not to love?

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

Lara Jean (Lana Condor) is a teenage girl with few friends, dreams and several crushes. But after all of her love letters end up in the hands of their subjects, her nonexistent love life becomes something of a mess. An instant hit, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before spurred a world of Twitter love and, according to Netflix, almost 50% of viewers who watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before re-watched it. The platform also said it was one of its most-viewed original movies of the year. This may or may not have something to do with Noah Centineo’s role as Lara Jean’s love interest.

Alex Strangelove (2018)

The Netflix original movie Alex Strangelove, tells the story of Alex Truelove (Daniel Doheny), a high schooler whose life is turned upside down as he begins to come into his own sexual identity. Produced by Ben Stiller, this coming-of-age story is sweet and unique.

Before We Go (2014)

Before We Go opens with Nick Vaughan (Chris Evans) playing the trumpet in Grand Central Station when a visibly distraught woman (Alice Eve) races by, dropping her phone in a rush to make her train. When Brooke misses her train home, she teams up with Nick on a journey around Manhattan in the wee hours of the night, as the unlikely pair share in their turmoil and, ultimately, rediscover themselves. This recipe for the perfect romance is Evans’ directorial debut.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Recently home after treating his bipolar disorder, Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) just wants his life to return to normal, but a new relationship with Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) may threaten his chances of getting back together with his wife, Nikki (Brea Bee). David O. Russell’s Oscar-winning comedic drama will make you laugh and cry—and you might just fall in love with Cooper and Lawrence, too.

The Spectacular Now (2013)

When popular partier Sutter (Miles Teller) meets a shy classmate, Aimee (Shailene Woodley), at the end of his senior year, the circumstances aren’t ideal. But as this unlikely romance develops, Sutter and Aimee both navigate their post-high school plans—and Sutter is forced to reckon with his own shortcomings.

Atonement (2007)

Atonement, a film starring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy, retells Ian McEwan’s novel about star-crossed lovers in 20th century England. This classic romance movie, though tragic and haunting, was nominated for Best Picture at the 80th Academy Awards.

P.S. I Love You (2007)

Gerry (Gerard Butler) and Holly (Hilary Swank) are a married couple who fight like any other. When Gerry dies tragically of a brain tumor, Holly’s world is upended—but she finds solace in letters that Gerry left her before his death.

Definitely, Maybe (2008)

Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) tells his daughter the story of how he met her mother—but it’s not as simple as that. After she learns about the birds and the bees, Maya (a young Abigail Breslin) begs to learn how her parents, who are now divorcing, met. Will concedes that he’ll detail the stories of his exes (Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz), but Maya has to guess which woman from the stories is her mom. Definitely, Maybe is charming, appropriately sexy and should definitely make it to your viewing list this Valentine’s Day.

One Day (2011)

Based on the acclaimed 2009 novel by David Nicholls, the romantic and tragic One Day shows a vignette of one day every year for two decades, following Dexter (Jim Sturgess) and Emma (Anne Hathaway)—some years they are found as a couple, and others as friends.

Sleeping With Other People (2015)

More than a decade after losing their virginities to each other in college, Lainey (Allison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) run into each other at a sex addicts anonymous meeting. The chance encounter spurs the pair to become best friends—while working diligently to ignore any and all sexual tension they have. Co-produced by Will Ferrell, Sleeping With Other People is one of Netflix’s funniest romantic options this year.

When We First Met (2018)

Noah (Adam Devine) meets the woman of his dreams in 2014 but waits a little too long to voice his feelings. Three years later, Avery (Alexandra Daddario) is marrying someone else, much to her now good friend Noah’s heartbreak. All hope seems lost, but a magical photo booth that allows Noah to travel through time to exactly 2014 may come to the rescue.

Barefoot in the Park (1967)

Newlywed New Yorkers Paul (Robert Redford) and Corie (Jane Fonda) move into a tiny, fifth floor Manhattan apartment, which is how many romantic movies start. But it’s not long before their different personalities start to clash as Corie, a free spirit, begins to feel that her more stuffy husband will stifle her personality.

The Incredible Jessica James (2017)

Former Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams stars in this Netflix original movie about a playwright trying to get over a recent breakup. Jessica meets Boone (Chris O’Dowd), a newly divorced man, and while the two hit it off, neither is exactly in the position to move on from their latest losses with each other — at least, right away.

Carol (2015)

In 1950s New York, the glamorous Carol (Cate Blanchett) meets Therese (Rooney Mara), an aspiring photographer who works in the department store where she is looking for a gift for her daughter. The women form an intimate connection that takes them to the nicest Manhattan restaurants, a road trip and through multiple hotel rooms, while Carol’s impending divorce looms, along with a threat from her controlling husband to reveal her homosexuality and take away custody of their daughter. Based on Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 novel The Price of Salt, Carol was a critical smash, receiving multiple Academy Awards and Golden Globes nominations.

Our Souls At Night (2017)

While they appeared as newlyweds in the aforementioned Barefoot in the Park, Robert Redford and Jane Fonda are back together for another romantic movie in Our Souls At Night. The movie explores the kinds of relationships that develop later in life, long after marriages end and the children are out of the house. The Netflix original film finds Addie (Fonda) asking her neighbor Louis (Redford) if he would come and sleep over — platonically, to help numb the loneliness she feels after losing her husband. Louis, a widower himself, agrees, and the two forge a connection.

Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)

In this French coming of age film, teenager Adèle (Adèle Exarchopoulos) learns about love, sexuality and desire when she meets Emma (Léa Seydoux), a blue-haired art student. Through Emma, Adèle discovers intimacy and loss as she grows into a young woman.

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