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The second installment in a seasonal Google Doodle series appeared on Christmas Day. It depicts two intrepid penguin siblings reuniting with their feathery relatives: a parrot and toucan from warmer climes.

The first Doodle featuring the pair of “slippery-footed siblings” appeared on Dec. 18. In it, the penguins appeared to plot a journey from their icy igloo to visit their relatives further north.

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Monday’s Doodle has the pair arriving in a tropical land, where lanterns are strewn between palm trees. The feathery family tucks into a festive meal of bananas, melons and, presumably, thawed fish the penguins have lugged from the frozen south.

The final panel of the Doodle suggests there are two more episodes in the penguin series: one on Dec. 31, and a final installment on Jan. 1.

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