Wendy’s Sassy Social Media Team Just Answered a Bunch of Great Questions

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“Social media guru” is one of those modern gigs that older generations love to mock—and admittedly, some people handling corporate Twitter accounts write like they’re already sick of their internship. That said, a good social media team can truly be transformative for a brand’s image—just ask Wendy’s. In the past year, the company’s Twitter account not only earned a reputation of being one of the wittiest corporate accounts on the platform, but it also helped create social media history by spurring on the most retweeted Twitter post ever.

So how did they do it? Well, being the Internet experts that they are, the Wendy’s team turned to another online platform, Reddit, to answer questions for an “AMA.” (That means “Ask Me Anything” for those of you who mock the term “social media guru.”)

Now, unfortunately, when you ask a group of people who are known for being online jokesters questions, you’re not always going to get serious answers. “To get the job as a Wendy’s media writer, what kind of sass test to you have to pass?” one somewhat earnest person asked. The sarcastic reply: “You must chug a sarsaparilla in less than 5 seconds without getting sick.” Okay, we get it, Wendy’s people. You like being funny. But seriously, we want to know about the real you. The real Wendy.

Luckily, some serious answers did slip through the cracks. For instance, do tweets need to get approved before posting or does the team just work off the cuff? “We don’t get approval for everything, but definitely for some stuff,” they responded. What about their background? Are these people comedians on the side? “Ummm, one of us was/is a comedian,” the Wendy’s team answered. And is it a fulltime gig? Yes, they said.

Another big question: Have they ever gone too far? “Have you ever gotten in trouble for anything you posted,” a Redditor asked. “Not like big time trouble, but sure, we’ve been ‘talked to,’” came the response. In a similar question, someone asked, “Have you ever been chewed out by the higher-ups for comments made?” “Chewed out? No,” Wendy’s replied. “Though sometimes they let us know they don’t exactly like certain things lol.”

Then, of course, there’s that question of generations. “Are you Millennials or an older generation?” asked a Redditor. “We’re a bunch of youngins,” the Wendy’s team responded. “Mostly millennials.” Well, some questions we already knew the answer to, huh?

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