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Neil deGrasse Tyson Goes on Epic Rant About Tonight’s Supermoon, Calls It ‘an Embarrassment’

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The supermoon may be hitting the eye like a big pizza pie tonight, but it’s not amore.

At least not for astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The prominent scientist took to Twitter to shatter the hype over Sunday’s supermoon, calling it “an embarrassment to everything else we call super.”

“FYI: The very concept of a Super Moon is an embarrassment to everything else we call super: Supernova, Supercollider, Superman, Super Mario Bros,” he said on Twitter.

Then he used a comparison that any fan of Dean Martin’s 1953 hit “That’s Amore” can understand.

“If last month’s Full Moon were a 16.0 inch pizza, then this month’s ‘Super’ Moon would be 16.1 inches. I’m just saying.” he tweeted.

“If a 16.1 inch pizza is ‘super’ to you, compared with a 16.0 inch pizza, then we have an issue of vocabulary,” he added.

Sunday’s supermoon is the only one this year. The phenomenon occurs when the moon is full during the portion of its orbit that brings it closest to Earth, making it look brighter and closer than a typical full moon.

For those undeterred by Tyson’s takedown, here’s what to know about viewing the supermoon on Sunday night.

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