No, Jar Jar Binks Isn’t Going to Be in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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He may be George Lucas’ favorite Star Wars character, but as of now, Jar Jar Binks isn’t set to appear in The Last Jedi.

Although some fans were duped by a tweet from a fake Variety account announcing that the gangly Gungan alien would be returning to the galaxy far, far away in Episode VIII, no one involved with the film has made a statement to that effect.

In fact, the link included in the Monday tweet takes users directly to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” 1987 music video — a prank commonly referred to as Rickrolling.

The gag caused an online freak-out among those who believed the news, as Jar Jar is widely considered to be the most disliked Star Wars character of all time. “I love Star Wars but I will protest this movie so godd—n fast,” replied one disgruntled fan.

Jar Jar haters can likely rest easy considering actor Ahmed Best — who played the alien in the prequel trilogy — has stated he will never return to Star Wars. “I think I’ve done my damage,” he told Jamie Stangroom during a 2016 Skype interview. “Yeah. I’m good with where I stand in the Star Wars universe. I don’t need to do that.”

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