November 17, 2017 11:54 AM EST

On Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel, the comedian riffed on the new DC comics movie Justice League. While the reviews about the superhero-stuffed film have been tepid, it’s still poised to be a major blockbuster success; at this point, anything with Wonder Woman seems to draw the crowds.

But Kimmel also had a suggestion on how to make the action movie even more epic: add in another hero. She’s the hero we all need, and she’s the hero that currently wields power in one of the highest offices of our land. She’s Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, of course.

In a parody trailer for Kimmel’s “Supreme Court Justice League,” he threw in suggestions on how Ginsburg would flex her skills in fighting evil.

“What are your superpowers again?” asks Ezra Miller’s The Flash in the clip.

“It helps sometimes to be a little hard of hearing,” is Ginsburg’s appropriate response. And like Thor of the Marvel universe, Ginsburg has a special weapon that presumably only she can hold. It’s a gavel, naturally. The tagline for the spoof: “Justice League: You can’t handle the Ruth.”

While in reality Ginsburg may not be a star of a superhero movie, she is known to stick to a strict fitness and health regiment, keeping her sharp even in her 80s after 24 years serving on the bench.


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