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These People Went to Great Lengths to Prove the iPhone 8 Can Shatter

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When Apple recently announced the shiny new iPhone 8, it didn’t take long for fear of a cracked phone to spread across the internet.

The iPhone 8 features a new glass design that lets you juice it up on a power mat without a plug. Apple even touted it as durable. Cue the durability test to start rolling in.

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The warranty service provider SquareTrade Labs got in on the test drive fun, going to great lengths to put the new models through the ringer alongside the competition.

In a YouTube video shared Monday titled “iPhone 8 Breakability,” the company drops the new iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the Samsung Galazy Note8 from six feet above on their faces and on their backs. Most dramatic of all, they even catapult them into the air at 22 miles per hour and tumble them around in a machine.

The results? Through it all, the new iPhone models and the Samsung phone suffer somewhat similar fates: they crack, some worse (totally shattered) than others (hairline cracks.) But when the Samsung phone was dropped from six feet, it looked like a total goner. (The video showed the phone with a “no sim error” message on its screen.)

No matter what, none of the smartphones were damage-proof under the conditions.

Watch below to see high-tech toys lose the smartphone Olympics.

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