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This is one illusion that we could all probably do without.

A store’s wildly disconcerting space-time continuum carpet design has gone viral after a Twitter user snapped a picture of the trippy optical illusion and tweeted it out, sending viewers into a tizzy. (Such a tizzy, in fact, that it was liked more than 90 thousand times as of Friday afternoon.)

“Whoever designed this floor is evil,” Twitter user @MrMuselk noted. “THATS [sic] A FLAT CARPET.” The wavy grid pattern on the (magic?) carpet makes it look as though the floor has potholes scattered across it — and whoever manages the store decided to put the display kiosks only on the spots that appear flat, giving the illusion even greater impact. As Nerdist reported in the past, the carpet is from Ege Designs, and would be a great decor choice for those interested in visualizing the fabric of our universe on the daily.

Regardless of the science and math behind it, Twitter is in agreement that the design is pretty evil for the casual passerby just trying to safely cross the floor.

Of course, someone else had to one-up this floor with a tile design of equally sadistic proportions.

And this bathroom, which may make some visitors think twice about taking a trip to the loo.




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