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You can always count on Lana Del Rey to come through with her signature retro-tinged, languorously romantic music videos. In the new visual for “White Mustang” off of her Lust for Life album, Del Rey once again delivers. This time, she’s holed up in an modernist hillside mansion with a long-haired rocker paramour, in turn unmoved by his attentions and saddened by his focus on his musical endeavors in lieu of her caresses. (Oh, and they’re also living in the future, as evidenced by his neat evolved computer screen and a hazy city skyline.)

That brings us to the titular “White Mustang.” While Del Rey’s narrative is a chronologically confused reverie, it is clear that half of the appeal of this guy is his old-school, lust-worthy ride.

“Summer’s meant for lovin’ and leavin’ / I was such a fool for believin’ that you / Could change all the ways you’ve been living / But you just couldn’t stop,” she muses in the lyrics, lamenting the relationship that’s doomed before it’s even begun. We get flashbacks to a way-too-cool party, and flash-forwards to another meeting in a deserted underpass. Cryptically, the song even cuts out halfway through, instead playing a piped-in salsa tune as the pair dance alone and a single rocket soars into the sky above.

At the end of the day, though, Del Rey comes out on top: she’s alone, cruising down the highway in a white Mustang, a small smile playing on her lips as she replays her short-lived romance. Some love stories, Lana knows, don’t have fairy tale endings — and that’s just fine.


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