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September 5, 2017 11:33 AM EDT

Ginger Spice might be one of Great Britain’s national treasures, but that doesn’t mean she can’t learn a thing or two from Westeros’ finest, Jon Snow.

The pair’s real-life alter egos, Geri Halliwell and Kit Harington, met up over the weekend at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, where Halliwell quoted the now-infamous, much-memed Game of Thrones line “you know nothing, Jon Snow!” to Harington several times, as many an enthusiast of the HBO series is wont to do.

While one might imagine it would be rather flattering to be fawned over by a Spice Girl, Harington was unfazed by Ginger Spice’s intense fandom. Instead, he turned the encounter into a teaching moment, helping Halliwell achieve the perfect Wilding accent. Halliwell, to her credit, perfected the vowel sounds quickly. But the accent went just as easily as it came.

Watch the entire exchange, posted to Halliwell’s Instagram account, go down below.

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