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Many Americans Disapprove of President Trump. Here’s What They Think of His Policies

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President Trump isn’t just down in the polls personally, so are some of his policies.

After six months in office, Trump’s approval rating is just 37% in the Gallup daily poll, and he’s hit record lows in other surveys. At the same time, a number of his policies have also polled poorly, while a handful have scored well in surveys.

Here’s a quick look at where Trump’s policies stand in the polls, in order from most to least popular.

Barring Travel from Six Muslim-Majority Countries: 60% Support

In January, Trump introduced a a travel ban on visitors from six predominantly Muslim countries. The executive order faced months of legal and political challenges, and unclear public opinion: conflicting polls variously reported both support and disapproval of the measure. But a July POLITICO/Morning Consult poll reported definitively that 60% of respondents supported the revised version of the policy.

Using a Skills-Based Immigration System: 60% Support

In August, Trump announced his support for the RAISE Act, a longshot Senate bill that would change the immigration system to more heavily consider factors like English proficiency and college degrees. In a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, 60% of respondents favored such a system.

Reducing Legal Immigration: 48% Support

The RAISE Act would also reduce legal immigration by half over the next decade. The POLITICO/Morning Consult survey taken after Trump announced his support for the bill found that 48% of voters back the reduction in legal immigrants, while 39% opposed it.


Repealing Obamacare Without a Replacement: 50% Against

In late June, Trump tweeted that Senate Republicans should “immediately REPEAL” Obamacare, and then pass a replacement bill “at a later date.” But that move, which would eventually be tested in the Senate’s failed attempt to pass a “skinny” repeal bill, is unpopular. Fifty percent of voters in a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll said the opposed a repeal without replacement, while just 36% expressed support.

Cutting Medicaid: 53% Against

Though he pledged not to touch Medicaid on the campaign trail, Trump supported health care bills in Congress that would have cut the insurance program for lower-income Americans dramatically. A POLITICO/Morning Consult poll in June found that 53% of voters objected to the reductions in Medicaid. Only 27% supported the cuts.


Barring Transgender Troops: 58% Against

In July, Trump unexpectedly announced via Twitter that transgender people would be barred from serving in the military “in any capacity,” citing “tremendous medical costs and disruption.” Days later, a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll found that 58 percent believed that transgender people should be allowed to serve. Only 27% said they should not be allowed to serve.

Leaving the Paris Climate Deal: 62% Against

In May, Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Paris agreement, fulfilling a campaign promise to divert funding away from climate change. Sixty-two percent of voters in a Quinnipiac poll said they disapproved of the President’s decision to withdraw from the accord. Only 32% backed the idea.

Building the Border Wall: 64% Against

Trump’s call for a wall along the Mexican border was one of his major campaign promises, and his proposed 2018 budget included a request for $1.6 billion to begin construction. But a May survey by Quinnipiac found that 64% of voters oppose building the wall—up from 55% who opposed it in November. Only 33% supported the idea.

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