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Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones.

Sunday night’s Game of Thrones was oddly funny despite the serious matters at hand, and as always it was a flashpoint for all the Westerosi-themed humor.

In “The Queen’s Justice,” a lot of real stuff went down. Bran Stark reunited with his sister Sansa in Winterfell, Olenna Tyrell dropped a knowledge bomb right before she voluntarily sipped on some poisonous wine, and of course, Jon Snow had a shaky meeting with Daenerys Targaryen about how everyone’s going down because the dead people are coming. But through it all, there were some deliciously funny moments, from Samwell Tar’s explanation for Jorah’s miraculous cure to Ser Davos’s Jon Snow intro.

The internet threw a party for every notable moment in the episode. See below for the very best memes.

Dany asking Jon to bend the knee:

The Onion Knight has nothing if not impeccable comedic timing:

Dany saying something that’s 100% false even though she doesn’t realize it:

Perpetuity is a big word:

General freakout over Jon and Dany in the same room:

Dany’s reluctance to believe Jon Snow about that whole army of the undead thing:

Cersei Lannister v. Ellaria Sand:

Cersei basically turning into a loan shark:

Lots of feels about that Stark reunion:

But even more so, the anticipation of that Bran-Jon convo:

Theon trying to justify his failure to act:

Sansa in like a boss mode:

Jorah is totally fine now!

More importantly, he got a brand new shirt!

But how did this miracle happen? Just like setting up IKEA furniture of course:

The Dowager Countess of Game of Thrones, Olenna had the last word as usual:

The actor who plays Sherlock’s smooth-talking bro on Sherlock popped up:

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