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Optical Illusion Watermelon Slice Dresses Are Seriously All the Rage on Instagram

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Here’s a new fashion and photography trend anyone can take a bite out of: Instagram users are posting images of themselves and their friends or children decked out in “watermelon” dresses that are, literally, just a slice of watermelon. It’s all, of course, a matter of perspective.

While babies are an especially easy subject for this photography hack, a number of adults are getting into the spirit as well, even carving out fashion-forward shapes into the summer fruit’s crisp pink flesh. The result? Fun photos that are seasonally very appropriate, even if they might not hold up to too much scrutiny. The trick seems to be getting the distance and focus just right and making use of the green rind and variation in pink hues to give the “dress” some extra panache.

A quick perusal of the hashtag #watermelondress on Instagram suggests that these just started popping up in late May and early June, with new iterations now posted daily. Even Emma Lee Bunton, also known as the former Baby Spice, tried one on for size. Take a look and be inspired by this latest development in Instagram optical illusions.

The potential as summer heats up and watermelon slices become even more ubiquitous is, clearly, endless.

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