People Are Posting Selfies With 24-Inch Slices of Pizza

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Between the highly Instagrammable avocado pizza to the pizza that comes in an edible box made of more pizza, it might appear as though the pizza market is tapped out. However, for those still in pursuit of a new pizza novelty, look no further than Pizza Barn in Yonkers, NY, where they believe that bigger is definitely better — and the proof is in their 24″ slice.

According to Cosmopolitan, shop owner Angelo DeLuca says that Pizza Barn has become a destination of sorts for pizza enthusiasts hungry to try the huge slices.

Their super slice clocks in at two feet and has to be served in a specially-made pizza box because of the size. A plain slice will set you back just $12 — a bona fide bargain when you consider that it’s a pizza slice that’s bigger than most people’s torsos. For those looking to get adventurous with their toppings, however, there are plenty of options, ranging from meatballs to cheeseburger and fries.

See Pizza Barn’s craziest super slices below.

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