‘We Did it First.’ Kevin Spacey Says House of Cards Is Trumping Trump

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House of Cards star Kevin Spacey has a pointed message to deliver to Trump: been there, done that.

Spacey stopped by The Late Show to talk to Stephen Colbert about the strangely timely fifth season of his Netflix political drama House of Cards on Wednesday.

Naturally, Colbert asked Spacey who plays Washington’s most charismatic Machiavellian power player, Frank Underwood, about overlapping themes. “Is it odd to do a show like House of Cards that does not seem as crazy as reality anymore?” Colbert asked.

The consummate impressionist’s response: As Christopher Walken might say, ‘it’s crazy.’ Spacey whose fictional character is now POTUS on the show, told the host the series came up with several plot points that invite comparison to the current political landscape before the actual news hit.

“At some point between when we shot the season and before it dropped, 3-4-5 things happened in the real world, and we go ‘everyone’s going to assume we stole it from the headlines.’…I think we’ve never been more relevant,” he said.

Oddly enough, Spacey famously said that Frank Underwood, was actually talking to Donald Trump long before he announced his campaign, which afforded Spacey the chance to comment on the President the Netflix show imagines vs. the President for real. “What has become clear since then, he’s just not listening at all. I do believe we have better writers. We did it first.”

Watch below. House of Cards comes out on May 30.

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