May 18, 2017 11:14 AM EDT

Jimmy Fallon’s favorite dancing panda returned to The Tonight Show on Wednesday night — and it turned out a surprise guest had donned the plush suit for the occasion. That guest? Miley Cyrus, who had been roaming around NBC all day making appearances on other shows. But for Fallon’s show, she came not as herself, but as Hashtag the Panda. Hashtag, for those not up on Fallon’s shtick, is a long-running recurring character with a signature, zany dance (and musical accompaniment).

For her pop-up appearance as Hashtag, Cyrus left nothing on the dance floor, going all in on the energetic choreography after Fallon criticized her entrance.

“I feel like your dancing has changed. Is everything OK?” Fallon asked, at which point Cyrus removed the panda face to reveal her own. (In the past, celebrities like Ben Stiller have been discovered to be behind the costume.)

“Miley! You’re Hashtag the Panda?”

“Yeah, I’ve been doing this the past few months,” Cyrus insisted, adding that she’s been working on her dance moves. Fallon questioned her choice of dressing up as a panda to get practice. “Look, that’s what I’m into. Don’t judge me,” she clapped back.

Cyrus is currently promoting her new single, “Malibu,” and an upcoming album.

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