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You Can’t Miss the Hilarious SNL Outtakes of Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Zooming Around Screaming ‘Trump!’

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Everyone wants more of Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer.

So it’s only fitting that the outtakes from McCarthy’s most recent Saturday Night Live sketch mocking the White House press secretary arrived on Tuesday night.

On Saturday’s episode, the now iconic “Spicey” character was on a mission: find President Donald Trump in New York City and confront him about the rumor that POTUS was firing him.

To film Spicer’s motorized journey to the President, on Friday morning McCarthy zoomed angrily through the streets of New York City on her intimidation podium in character before hosting the show.

In the sketch, the character was pretty stressed, which is why he disrespected a hot dog stand. But it was nothing a break couldn’t help.

“I just need a couple minutes in a bush to get it together,” McCarthy said.

Watch the citizens of New York cheer as Spicer rolls along screaming “Trump! I know this is where you really live!” at no one in particular.

Watch the sketch that aired on Saturday.

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