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Fred Weasley Wants You to Know He’s Not on Tinder So Don’t Get Catfished By This Other Guy

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Tinder users, watch out for a catfish in the form of a 22-year-old “Trent” who appears to be using a photo of Harry Potter actor James Phelps — one half of the fan-favorite Weasley twins — to swindle potential matches on the dating app. (That is, he says he’s 22 and named Trent on the app, but nothing is certain in this confusing age of false identity manufacturing online.)

Thanks to the sharp eye of Twitter user Breezy, a long-term Phelps fan who said the actor was her “childhood crush,” Trent has been summarily called out for using the photo. In fact, Trent displayed the same photo on his Tinder profile that Phelps currently uses as his own Twitter picture.

Phelps himself took to the social media platform to clear the air of the trickery, a prank that even the notoriously mischievous Weasley twins likely wouldn’t condone. “For the record folks I am 100% NOT on Tinder,” he confirmed for the general public — and for the sake of singles who might be hoodwinked by any identity-related antics (and, probably, disappointed that he’s not on the app after all).

If you’re trying to impersonate someone else, might we suggest Polyjuice Potion? It’s proven much more effective than digital manipulation at transforming the user into their person of choice. Then again, Muggles might just want to stick to reality.

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