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In the wake of Alabama and Mississippi’s continued observance of Confederate Memorial Day, Trevor Noah made it clear he is definitely not on board with celebrating the controversial holiday. During Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Show, the host denounced the day — which pays homage to Confederate soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War — as “f—ked up on so many levels.”

“First of all, the Confederacy fought the Civil War to defend slavery. Why would you honor that?,” he said. “Secondly, what are black people supposed to do on this holiday?”

Noah went on to explain that he has trouble wrapping his head around the idea that honoring the Confederacy can be observed in a non-racist way. “I never understand this argument,” he said. “People go: ‘Hey, back then they didn’t know what they were doing. They didn’t know what they were doing was racist.’ First of all, yes they did. But even if they didn’t, you know that now, so what’s your excuse?”

Watch the full clip below.

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