This Week in Health: Go for a Run, Change Your Tinder Photo

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This week we learned how a little bit of running may add years to your life—and all of the other amazing things that pounding the pavement can do for the body. Here’s what else grabbed our attention in health news this week. (Sign up for our newsletter for more.)

Why you should let someone else choose your Tinder photo

A new study finds that people have trouble picking their most flattering photo for their Facebook, LinkedIn and online dating profiles. The solution: let a stranger do it for you.

Here’s another way CRISPR will change medicine

Gene editing is being used to diagnose cancer and to create on-the-spot tests for infections like Zika virus.

One run may add 7 hours to your life

Running is a simple, efficient and cheap way to exercise. It also may extend your lifespan.

Vaccine skeptics respond better to information than shaming

When parents have positive conversations with other parents about vaccines, they’re less hesitant to vaccinate their kids, according to new findings from an immunization education program.

Why slow eaters may burn more calories

Chew your food slowly, because mindful eating may help control your appetite.

Most doctors’ breast cancer advice may be out of date

Health groups have different recommendations about who should get screened for breast cancer. Even doctors are divided on which advice to follow.

Why marathons can be deadly—even if you don’t run in them

Marathons are physically demanding, and the training can take a toll on health. But runners aren’t the only people at risk during a race. A new study finds that marathons can lead to delays in emergency care.

Experts change their minds about prostate cancer screening

In a reversal, an expert group is no longer advising that most men not get tested for prostate cancer. Here’s what you need to know about the change.

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