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In a dramatic tale of dining and dashing gone awry, an Australian aspiring rapper named Terry Peck—stage name “2Pec,” no relation to the infamous 2Pac—has been charged with counts of theft and police obstruction when he made a bold attempt to skip the bill after enjoying a lavish solo seafood meal at a Gold Coast restaurant on Sunday.

According to his receipt obtained by Australian news, Peck chowed down on multiple lobsters, 21 oyster shooters, baby octopus, and beer, racking up a bill of $465.75 during his extravagant afternoon treat at Omeros Brothers Seafood Restaurant in Main Beach. Apparently, not all of his dishes were to his taste: he later complained outside court of finding oyster shell in his oyster shot, and of determining the lobster to be “overcooked.” The restaurant also noted that he only consumed 15 of the 21 oyster cocktails. (They also insist that the lobster was certainly not overcooked.)

As for the reason he skipped out on the tab? Peck contends he left not to avoid paying, but rather to find a friend who was allegedly giving birth on the nearby beach. He did not get that far before being arrested, however. But he did manage to swim out 50 meters into the ocean and hide underwater before jet ski-riding police snagged him. Reportedly, Peck said he “wouldn’t go back” to the restaurant, given his unsatisfactory meal. Lucky for all involved, Peck has been granted bail on the condition that he stay away from the restaurant. That’s one very mutual breakup.

2Pec’s body of work includes track “Ozi Ozi Ozi Oy Oy Oy,” on which he suggests that Australians are paying too much tax. According to the song, he prefers hard work.

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