April 5, 2017 4:06 PM EDT

Once more, the Japanese version of an American fast food staple takes creativity to the next level. Starbucks in Japan just introduced their seasonal lineup of warm-weather treats, and this year that includes an “American Cherry Pie” Frappuccino, right on time with Japanese cherry blossom season.

If “American Cherry Pie” doesn’t already sound excessive, just wait for the cherry on top. Or rather, the crust on top. Because instead of a lid, the innovators at the popular coffee giant have decided to mold a pastry dome to fit over the fruity frozen beverage, thereby completing the “pie” portion of the order. Starbucks is no stranger to viral drink trends, but this truly goes over the top.

As Google translates from the original Japanese, the new Frappuccino contains “sweet and sour juicy” cherry compote, vanilla-flavored froth, and whipped cream under its distinctive dome top, making this into a complete dessert, sneakily disguised as just a drink. The press release even suggests that the experience of sticking a straw through the pie crust lid is akin to sticking a fork into a slice of traditional cherry pie. Note that you might also want to consider a fork for the Frap, too.

The extravagant new item is only available for a short time, though, just April 13 to May 16. And it will cost you: a tall goes for 640 yen, which comes out to about $5.78. Also: only in Japan.

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