The Internet Is Having a Predictable Field Day With President Trump in a Truck

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Throughout his first few months in office, President Trump has proved himself a ripe meme target, but he has never been quite so meme-able as he was on Thursday when he took the driver’s seat of a truck.

Before Trump met with trucking industry representatives to discuss his health care bill proposals and infrastructure, he climbed into the cab of a semi-truck parked on the White House lawn and pretended to drive. The photos of him enjoying the moment have lit up the internet.

“I am honored to welcome all of the many truckers and … industry leaders to the White House,” he said during the meeting Trump meeting, according to the Washington Post. “America depends on you, and you work very hard for America.”

Onlookers lavished attention on the moment by clapping and snapping photos, which naturally became the latest viral meme skewering him from all angles by imagining him in Mad Max: Fury Road and and on a punk rock album cover.

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