March 21, 2017 4:32 PM EDT

A shop in Wales is appealing to both sandwich and chocolate fans by creating the ultimate combination of the two: a chocolate sandwich, Jack FM reports.

The sandwiches ingredients allegedly include chocolate, orange and lettuce — but no butter — on a fresh baguette. For those looking for a more savory and herbaceous bite, customers can even buy licorice-stuffed baguettes, called “Liquorice Allsorts [sic].”

One such customer, Ollie Cole, spoke to Phil, the owner of Channings Newsagents, and asked him about his recent sandwich phenomenon. In a Medium essay, Cole wrote that Phil came up with the sandwiches “just to add a bit of fun to the shelves.” According to Phil, The “Marmite & Jelly Beans” delicacy and similar sandwiches will “never beat a ham salad,” but the sweets-filled baguettes seem to be popular on the internet, as unlikely foods often are. WalesOnline verified that this is a real thing that’s happening.

Have a look at the sandwiches below.

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