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A Stunning Look at How New Yorkers Enjoyed the Snow in Central Park

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Winter storm Stella may not have brought as much snow to New York City as last year’s major storm, but it still made for quite the snow day.

Over seven inches accumulated over a 24-hour time span and TIME sent videographers Devin Yalkin and Johnny Milano to marry vastly different approaches to documenting the storm.

The two shot from dawn to dusk braving conditions that varied from freezing rain to thick clumps of snow. Milano endured heavy winds to shoot long time-lapse shots from the rooftop of a nearby apartment building overlooking Central Park. He spent 13 hours creating four composite videos of the park while Yalkin countered Milano’s large-scale approach by wandering around Central Park to capture slow-motion shots of New Yorkers making the best of the snow.

Together they provided a unique view of a city center that comes to life when schools and most offices are closed.

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