We Tried the $500 Tequila-and-Lobster Pizza That Will Get You Tipsy

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You’ve probably tried a standard Margherita pizza before: cheese, tomato, crust, done. But we’ll bet you’ve never tried a “margarita” pizza. For National Margarita Day on Wednesday, Patrón tequila paired up with New York’s Bodega Negra restaurant to craft a literally intoxicating and distinctly over-the-top new pie, and the so-called Platinum Margarita Margherita Pizza is a doozy.

“I just wanted to make it as extravagant as we could,” chef Michael Armstrong explained of his creation.

What’s on it:

This is only a pizza in name. From the tortilla crust to the toppings of lobster, mango, Osetra caviar, black truffle shavings, edible platinum foil, and avocado, it bears little resemblance to the Italian classic that inspired it.

It will also get you tipsy, thanks to the infusion of two different types of top-grade tequila within the pizza’s ingredients. (About three shots total are slung into in the making of one pie, which will feed three diners.) There’s the $150-per-shot Gran Patrón Burdeos, with which the lobster tail and sliced mangos are sautéed. And there’s another shot of Gran Patron Platinum mixed into the crema topping.

How it tastes:

The pizza turns out to be a confection that’s both tangy and sweet, the tartness of citrusy avocado balanced by the tequila-marinated mango and buttery lobster flesh. Caviar lovers with money to burn will get a kick out of the addition of a dollop of the rich stuff, although the shaved truffle is more or less lost in the mix. And yes, you will taste tequila, and may even sustain a low-key, satiated buzz post-consumption.

If you’re dying to get drunk on pizza, however, you’ll have to put in a special order: the restaurant requires 48 hours advance notice to make sure they have all the ingredients in-house for your big night out. It’s been on the restaurant’s menu for a few weeks—and yes, some bold diners have made the order. In a city known for its dollar slices, $100 for one if you split this among five friends is beyond steep. But then again, it also doubles as a wildly expensive beverage in solid form.

Happy National Margarita (Pizza) Day, indeed.

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