A Video Guide to Wayne’s World‘s Most Excellent Catchphrases

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On Feb. 14, the 1992 comedy Wayne’s World turns 25, offering up a reason for even the most hardened hearts to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Written by and starring Mike Myers (alongside Dana Carvey) and based on the popular Saturday Night Live sketch of the same name, the movie became an instant staple of the early ’90s, alongside Nirvana, Beavis and Butt-Head and The Ren & Stimpy Show. A quarter-century later, many aspects of the film have become iconic: Wayne’s signature hat, Garth’s horn-rimmed glasses, their love for Queen and, of course, the catchphrases.

Myers’ and Carvey’s public access TV hosts from Aurora, Illinois, left an indelible mark on the American lexicon. Many people may associate the emphatic “not” with Sacha Baron Coen’s Borat character, but it was, unsurprisingly, uttered first on Wayne’s World. “Schwing,” “party on,” “hurl” and “that’s what she said” are just a few of the others gifts to the English language pioneered by the duo. To celebrate Wayne’s World‘s anniversary and its lasting cultural impact, TIME examines the film’s classic catchphrases through one excellent supercut video.

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