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All the Countries Trolling President Trump’s ‘America First’ With Viral Parody Videos

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At a time when President Donald Trump is keeping American comedians busy, the rest of the world can’t help but join in on the satire.

The “America First” parody video trend is sweeping the globe after a sketch first popularized by Dutch comedy show Zondag met Lubach took off in January. The inaugural video used Trump’s own quotes in a spoof packaged as a promo to convince Trump he should dub The Netherlands “second.” A wave of videos followed, as countries spun comedy gold to make the case that they deserve second place.

Here’s a rundown of all the videos from different countries to take a stab at the parody so far.

The Netherlands

The quintessential first video by which all others are measured was perhaps the purest fun from start to finish. Full of hyperbole about its parks — filled with both miniature houses and ponies — the video mercilessly eviscerates Trump’s policies. Don’t miss the best attraction: “the best tax evasion system God ever created.”


This Swiss spoof had fun by going after Mexico, women, gold and its very own elite Swiss guards.


Portugal’s version mocked Trump’s businesses, the election and called out America’s greatest pastime (“your football is fake”). The president even gets an invite to Carnival.


Italy went for the straightforward punchlines: Trump’s border wall plans and his loss of the popular vote. But when it came to introducing the President to the best of the Boot, this response was sublimely bizarre, calling out Italy’s hand gestures, authentic mozzarella cheese and the true pride of Italy: Nintendo’s Mario.

This one targets Steve Bannon and Trump’s Miss Universe pageant, but there’s also airtime for “German 3 Doors Down” and Oktoberfest.


The Belgian addition poked fun at Trump’s comments on size and Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway’s term “alternative facts” by swearing that ABBA is Belgian. (Be warned: it gets pretty NSFW.)


This video 
glides through a sprawling narrative of the First Lady’s home country by shining a light on their “sports people” who never stop winning. Don’t forget about their great, great free money, all generously supplied by taxpayers.


Iran’s installment doesn’t shy away from riffing about culture clashes. Expect a lecture for Trump on Iran vs. Iraq in a trio of sagas. But the best selling point to put Iran on Trump’s map may be that the shape of the country looks a lot like a cat.


This acerbic bile fest sees the narrator overpraising all the draws, from “official foreign correspondent” Borat to the “best amount of Russians in the world.” The rest of the countries can duke it out for second place. All this narrator asks is that Trump recognize Kazakhstan exists.


Expect the hard sell on the country’s populist “great guys,” violent traditions and superior skiing abilities.


Joke by joke, this twisted witty video presents its fake fact case for Bulgaria’s superiority, touting a whopping 32 species of bats and a single non-working windmill.


This one’s brag all over: World Cup dominance, record highs for eating different meats and a joke about the fact that isn’t Mexico.

Madeira Island

Not to be outdone by Portugal, this contribution delivers good-natured ribbing on Trump’s immigration stance. Expect boasting about their wine, a Cristiano Ronaldo statue and plenty of magical sand that cures diseases.


In its quest for second place, this video rapidly shreds Trump’s attacks on the media and hypes up their national market—a great place to get pickpocketed.


In the campaign to make Lithuania third, the narrator rants his way through the video about some possible common ground with Trump: everything from rigged elections to Saturday Night Live.


Heaping the praise on Trump’s first weeks in office, this video charts a love of travel bans by pumping up its rabbit-proof fence and an endless list of things that are big enough to please an American president.


Namibia fearlessly competes for first place by plugging its sunsets, homemade beer and a canyon big enough to blow the Grand Canyon away.


This dark contribution cranks out the jabs at Trump on hacking, Hillary Clinton and even Barack Obama, by suggesting their own “magical healer” as the ideal replacement for the Affordable Healthcare Act.


Finland campaigns for second place with reindeers, its peerless gender equality and even works in a dig at Trump’s now infamous presidential debate quote “bad hombres.”

Czech Republic

“Nobody does borders better than us,” is the tagline from the Czech Republic’s sendup, which calls its own dead President an “overrated loser.”


This one brings you some bold claims about the region’s great-tasting potatoes and all the other ways the Maltese are already making their country great. Yes, there’s a Maltesers joke.

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