Stephen Colbert on President Trump’s Inauguration: ‘The Country is a Turd Storm’

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Never one to shy away from President Trump, Stephen Colbert likened Trump’s inaugural speech to “Lincoln huffing paint thinner” and called the U.S. a “turd storm” during The Late Show Friday night.

“If you’re waking up from a coma, Donald Trump has been sworn in as President of the United States,” he told his studio audience, to laughter and applause. “Listen, we’re just as confused as you are and we’ve been awake the whole time.”

Colbert joked about on Trump’s appearance (his tie was “the length of an aircraft carrier… make America tie again”) but called Trump’s aid and former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, “the fashion star of the day.” He said of her Gucci coat, “I would describe that look as Nutcracker who came to life but only got halfway there.”

The presenter’s take-down didn’t stop there. “Donald Trump knows the launch codes and he hasn’t tweeted them yet—so far so good,” he added. “We get it—the country is a turd storm.”

Watch the clip above.

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