January 13, 2017 11:34 AM EST

Taylor Swift’s fandom may have been pushed to the limit as they anxiously await new material from the pop juggernaut.

The “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” singer is back into the spotlight this winter, first with the surprise release of her collaboration with Zayn for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack last month, and now with a subtle tease of an upcoming music video to accompany the chart-topping single. In honor of 24-year-old Zayn Malik‘s birthday Thursday, Swift posted what appears to be a still from that elusive video, featuring the two of them shrouded in shades of smoky blue light.

For fans, it’s tantalizing stuff. Swift has been less active on her Twitter lately since she took to the social media platform to initially spread the word of the single. (On Instagram, she’s also been quiet compared to the past.) It’s also the first time in her career as a musician that she’s let more than two years lapse between album releases, meaning that her millions-strong fandom is chomping at the bit for new material, a fact they made quite clear in the responses to her social posts.

And now, they wait.

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