November 8, 2016 12:53 PM EST

Our long national nightmare is (nearly) over. Polls are open across the country, so do your thing, America. Polls start closing at 6 p.m., depending on your state or local jurisdiction, so be sure to give yourself enough time. If there is a line, stay in line—you can vote as long as you are in line by the time the polls close.

By late tonight, America will have selected its 45th president—and whether it is Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton it will be a dramatic re-envisioning of the role. It is either a vote for radical change or for breaking the glass ceiling. A mad dash to swing states ending in the wee hours of Tuesday morning marked the close of more than two years of political scrambling. After voting, both candidates are spending the day making final get-out-the-vote pitches to voters on television and radio. For several hours Tuesday evening they will be just one block apart in midtown Manhattan as they await results before attending their watch parties.

Here’s how to watch tonight: States will begin to be called once all the polls have closed in a state. The president-elect will not be named until s/he reaches 270 called Electoral Votes. But some of the early state results will provide an indication of the ultimate outcome. If New Hampshire (7 p.m. close time) or North Carolina (7:30 p.m. close time) are able to be called swiftly, it may well be an early and good night for Hillary Clinton. If they remain too close to call, or if Trump wins them, it will bolster Trump’s chances and increase the likelihood that we need to wait for Western states to make a call.

We’ll have running coverage on all day to mark the conclusion of this historic election. There are 72 days until Inauguration Day.

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Sound Off

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