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The 11 States That Could Decide Who Wins on Tuesday

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270: That’s the magic number of electoral votes Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be fighting for Tuesday in a nation fiercely divided over their choices. But a handful of states are toss-ups that will affect the contours and outcome of the election.

Many election observers disagree on what those exact states will be. The Cook Political Report sees Florida and North Carolina as toss-ups, while the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report picked Iowa and Ohio.

To be fair, TIME has put only the safest blue and red states on this map, leaving 11 as potential battlegrounds, including such oft-discussed but unlikely spots as the red state of Georgia and the blue state of Michigan. That gives Hillary Clinton a starting baseline of 210 electors, and Donald Trump a baseline of 163.

The actual swing states this year will probably come down to five: North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire and Nevada. But in a year in which a lot of unexpected things have happened, don’t be surprised if that’s not the exact list.

But this map is a good starting point to watch the results come in on Tuesday. Check back as it is updated throughout the night.

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