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What We’ve Learned About Bill Clinton’s Conflicts

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If you only read one thing: The latest batch of Clinton-camp hacked emails by Wikileaks paints an unseemly picture of the web of ties between Bill Clinton’s foundation and his for-profit interests. While the outlines of these entanglements have long been known, seeing them explained in such clear detail elevates the issue at a political hazardous time for Clinton. It’s the latest reminder of Clinton’s historically weak position and the GOP’s missed opportunity. As Republican operative Michael Steel described her to TIME yesterday, “she is the political equivalent of a jumbo shrimp–she’s a very unpopular and distrusted frontrunner.” These leaks would have been potentially fatal to her candidacy in any other year—that is assuming she was even still in the running—but Trump’s even weaker status makes it almost a moot issue for now for most voters. But conflicts are sure to reemerge as an issue should the trend lines hold and Clinton assumes the White House.

Donald Trump’s campaign is looking to boost its chances by suppressing turn-out of high-propensity Democratic voters: African-Americans, young women, and liberals. It’s far from an unprecedented strategy, but the scale and the openness with which the Trump campaign talks about it is. Trying to keep people away from the polls is antithetical to democratic society, and a tacit admission that most of the country doesn’t support Trump—something borne out over and again in public polls.

Aeromexico uses Trump in a new ad. Trump argues his new hotel is a metaphor for his campaign. And TIME brings you the answers to the big questions: Where can you take a selfie while voting?

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Sound Off

“I certainly intend to reach out to Republicans and Independents, and the elected leadership of the Congress. I’m going to be doing everything I can to reach out to people who didn’t vote for me because I want to be the president for everybody, and I intend to do as much of it as I possibly can before the inauguration and to continue afterwords.” — Hillary Clinton on reaching out to Republicans after Election Day

“We have a protester—by the way, were you paid $1,500 to be a thug? Where’s the protester? Was he paid? You can get him out. Get him out. Out!” — Trump in North Carolina Wednesday

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