Watch This Guy Making Delicious-Looking Soup—Miniature Sized for Ants

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Cooking videos are mesmerizing. Miniature things are adorable. Put them together and you get… Walking With Giants, the most binge-worthy YouTube channel you’ve never heard of. In his collection of 28 lovingly shot videos, YouTube creator Jay Baron concocts elaborate, fully-cooked dishes that are sized for the consumption of something tiny. Very tiny, very lucky ants, perhaps. But only if they have an impeccable palate, because this food—a extremely small chimichanga, for instance, or delicate mini cinnamon rolls—looks tasty, too.

In a dollhouse-style setup, Baron goes through every step, no matter how mundane. For instance, in his chicken soup video, the minuscule raw chicken cutlet (smaller than a pinky nail) is unpackaged from its clinging Saran wrap; the onion is sliced at a (dangerously) microscopic scale. An Xacto blade has been jerry-rigged into a paring knife, and a teeny copper pot, glistening warmly like anything Ina Garten would approve of, is settled on a doll’s iron stove, within which a tea light functions as the internal furnace.

There’s something oddly compelling about Barron’s giant-seeming hands nimbly slicing a baby-baby carrot with exactitude—not to mention that the finished product, served at a doll-sized cafe table, looks like the set of a stop-motion animation. Or perhaps it looks like the heartwarming cartoon Ratatouille has been brought, improbably, to life. Take a look, above.


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