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Now There’s ‘Brunch’-Flavored Candy Corn For the Least Nutritious Breakfast Ever

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Candy corn, that ubiquitous sugary herald of Halloween season, is one of the more polarizing candies. Now, that classic saccharine flavor is getting a fall makeover with the introduction of “Brunch Favorites” by candy corn brand Brach’s.

The candy maker has distilled millennials’ favorite weekend meal down to three distinct tastes: French toast and maple syrup, strawberry waffle, and chocolate-chip pancakes. (Missing from this lineup are the savory options like eggs Benedict or the health-conscious egg-white omelet — looks like there is some kind of limit to where candy corn will go, and it’s sticking determinedly to the sweet side of the street.) You can (somewhat) discern the different candy flavors based on the coloring of the corn kernels, which makes these sound like a tamer version of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

The good people at Popsugar took the new candy for a taste test, noting that the bag smelled “like a Yankee Maple Pancake candle” and the different flavors were “spot-on,” although reviews were mixed; it all comes down to your sweetness tolerance. Meanwhile, Twitter is mainly just confused.

You can get your hands on a bag of the not-quite-breakfast-substitute at Target for $2.50 (currently on sale) for a limited time only, at which point you might want to switch back to traditional candy corn or see what other novelty Brach’s drops next. They’ve done peanut butter, caramel macchiato, and birthday cake in the past, so anything’s fair game. If they’re looking to jump on the next trendy food bandwagon, might we recommend matcha?

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