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KFC Introduces Sunscreen That Smells Like Fried Chicken to Keep You From Turning ‘Extra Crispy’

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KFC has created a Kentucky Fried Chicken SPF 30 sunscreen, the chain announced on Twitter Monday.

Yes, for reasons that remain questionable, the fried chicken giant decided to get into the skincare game, launching a website and free sun protection product that is imbued with the alluring scent of fried chicken.

“The sun gives us life. But if we’re not careful it also gives us painful sunburns. That’s why we made KFC’s Extra Crispy™ Sunscreen,” the site reads. “Harmful ultraviolet rays bounce off your skin while the lovely fragrance rays penetrate it to give you a healthy chicken aroma.”

The giveaway of 3,000 bottles has already sold out, but you can muse over the site and its many entreaties to not actually eat the tasty-smelling UV blocker if you’re one of the lucky (unlucky?) few who got your hands on one. Delivery is expected to take about eight weeks, so we won’t have customer testimonials for a few months yet, although Business Insider reports it is a “distinctive” scent that left some “at a loss for words.”

“KFC® Extra Crispy™ Sunscreen is an actual product. KFC® Extra Crispy™ Sunscreen is not a food product. NOT a food product. Do not eat this product. Even though this product smells delicious, it is not delicious. The only skin that should be extra crispy this summer is on your fried chicken,” the company warns.

This new sunscreen is only one way to profess your true commitment to the fried chicken life. Some other options: you can paint your nails with KFC-scented polish, stick a piece of eerily realistic fake fried chicken on your phone, or show someone you care with this KFC corsage when prom season comes around again. Fried chicken: so versatile.

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