August 9, 2016 2:23 PM EDT

Starting on September 6, the ubiquitous coffee giant will make many customers happy by adding almond milk to its customization options.

The request for almond milk comes straight from a crowdsourcing initiative called “My Starbucks Idea,” a platform where customers contribute their requests. Almond milk — or “almondmilk,” as Starbucks will call it — was by far the most popular, the company stated in a release. The national rollout will be complete by the end of September.

And this isn’t just any generic almondmilk; it’s Starbucks-specific.

“It was designed so that when steamed, it creates a rich foam for hot beverages and is delicious and creamy when served in cold beverages,” said Yoke Wong, manager on Starbucks beverage R&D team, in a statement. It will be made with almond butter, and it’s technically “unflavored,” so it should be customizable for all the drinks — at an additional 60-cent cost per drink.

It’s worth noting that more than half of U.S. adults consume non-dairy milk, with almond milk the most popular of the those non-dairy options, making it high time for the coffee chain to start catering to what is sure to be an avid consumer base.

And what about health? An 8-ounce serving of the specialized almondmilk comes with 3 grams of sugar, Starbucks says. In comparison, you’ll find about 12-13 grams of sugar in your basic 2 percent milk.

General internet consensus: it’s about time, Starbucks.

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