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Introducing the New ‘Burger Pizza’ From Domino’s Because Regular Pizza Isn’t Enough

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Domino’s India just announced the rollout of a brand-new menu item: a “burger pizza” that “looks like a burger. Tastes like a pizza,” as the company’s Facebook post proclaims. This is not the first burger-pizza hybrid to have come to our attention, but it is the simplest.

It appears to be a concoction made by using two pieces of pizza crust as “buns” for the sandwich, and then filling the center with cheese and pizza ingredients—just where a hamburger patty would normally go. (In contrast, other burger pizzas have just stuck a patty between two slices of pepperoni pie.) The Domino’s India version, which seems civilized in comparison—or maybe just like a glorified pizza bagel—is available at stores across the country in three different flavors, starting at 89 rupees ($1.33).

So far, feedback from customers has been mixed:

But frankly, it looks like much easier to consume that the messy, greasy American versions we’ve seen so far.

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