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April 7, 2016 6:01 AM EDT

Can America Learn to Love Ted Cruz?

He has a plan to take the GOP nomination from Donald Trump. But first he must heal old wounds

In Wisconsin, Trump Faltered and Palin Bombed. Why Cruz Will Struggle to Do Better

Cruz is hardly an inspirational figure

Xi Jinping’s Thin Skin Makes Him Look Weak

The ‘Panama Papers’ spell trouble for the Chinese President

The ‘Panama Papers’ Expose the Secret World of the 1%

The leak has already had major consequences

What Virtual Reality’s Past Reveals About its Future

The technology has a bad rap as simply a novelty

The Weirdest, Coolest Things You Can Do With Virtual Reality

Games that let you do everything from exploring new worlds to defusing a bomb

Which New ‘Reality’ Reigns Supreme?

Review: Hardcore Henry Reinvents the Action Flick

The entire film is shot from the perspective of a bionic soldier

The New Arms Race in Major League Baseball

Fastballs keep getting faster

The Radical New Ways Colleges Are Sizing Up Students

From notebook doodles to video selfies

Review: Kate DiCamillo’s Raymie Nightingale Shows the Stars in Our Faults

The author of Because of Winn-Dixie has new story about childhood in Florida

The Case for Whole Milk

How China Plans to Dominate Soccerd

Beijing has a global plan for the beautiful game

Quick Talk With Wendell Pierce

The Wire star appears in HBO’s Confirmation

Review: The Stylish Last Panthers Ponders Who Stole Europe

The crime show arrives on SundanceTV

Merle Haggard

Bard of Bakersfield

Review: Jake Gyllenhaal Does All the Heavy Lifting in Demolition

The actor plays a grieving husband who becomes unhinged

What You Said About …

How Family Therapy Makes Us Older and Wiser

And also more or less the same

Pop Chart

For the Record

Donald Trump’s Confidence Game Has Been Years In the Making

He has the con man’s ability to embed nuggets of truth in a welter of lies

Review: The Boss Demotes Melissa McCarthy

Crude gags mingle with squishy, underdeveloped messages in the new comedy

Get Schooled on Veggie Prep

Kerry Washington Makes Anita Hill Human in HBO’s Confirmation

Zaha Hadid

Trailblazing architect

Saudi Arabia’s Attempt to Break Its Addiction to Oil

War and Rape

The most shameful consequence of conflict comes out into the open


Anita Hill on Confirmation, What Joe Biden Did Wrong and the Clintons

The professor, who is played by Kerry Washington in a new HBO film, talks about Clarence Thomas and the progression of women’s rights

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