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Inside Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Fight With the FBI

In an exclusive interview with TIME, Cook discusses your privacy, America’s security, and what’s at stake in the battle over encryption

The Privacy Debate

When Short-Fingered Vulgarians Win, Satire Loses

Did Spy prepare Trump for his candidacy?

President Obama and Misty Copeland Interview

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The Paradox of Being a Black Role Model

Wildly successful role models reflect the tyranny of low expectations

Why the Best Investment Move is the Least Obvious in Today’s Stock Market

Know when to hold ‘em

The 30 Most Influential People on the Internet

The Rise and Fall of the Putin Propaganda Czar Who Met a Violent End

The marks of violence on the body of Mikhail Lesin have renewed suspicion that the reasons for his death lead back to his powerful associates in Moscow

Putin’s Wily Syria Tactics Pay Off

Obama Aims to Nudge Change Along With Historic Cuba Visit

The Geography of Genius

How Companies Can Do Well by Doing Good

Why Poverty Is Sexist

Pop Chart

The Old-Master Met Fills its Modern Satellite With Works in Progress

The Met Breuer opens in the former Whitney building

Machines Beating Mankind


13 Questions With Shirin Ebadi

The Iranian human-rights lawyer and her loved ones have been harassed by their country’s government since she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003

Nora Ephron’s Son Pays Tribute inEverything Is Copy

The documentary will air on HBO

NBC’s Medical Soap Heartbeat LacksGrey’s Anatomy Smarts

Melissa George plays a heart transplant surgeon

Why the Rise in Food-Poisoning Reports Is Actually a Good Thing

Health officials are finding foodborne outbreaks faster than ever before


How Drones Are Getting Better at Avoiding Crashes

It’s a necessary step for the technology to go mainstream

Big Money’s Tiny Impact on the Presidential Campaign

Review: Marriage and Murder on a Dairy Farm

Elizabeth Brundage’s latest thriller is All Things Cease to Appear

Three New Musical Biopics Hit the Big Screen

Miles Davis, Chet Baker and Hank Williams get the movie treatment


A link between football and brain trauma

To Take out Trump, Hillary Clinton Must First Dispense With Her Inner Politician

The Democrat’s strategy will have to be modified for the general election

A Kids’ Toy That Teaches Coding

Review: Iggy Pop’s Post Pop Depression

What You Said About …

Obama Will Get His Pick on the Supreme Court Eventually

Merrick Garland will be confirmed. Just not yet.

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