Watch This Chef Turn Dunkin’ Donuts Into Beautiful Sushi Rolls

1 minute read

Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada can turn just about anything into an incredibly appetizing platter of sushi. He shows off this impressive skill in a recurring segment on YouTube called “Will It Sushi?” (Past experiments include a McDonald’s Big Mac and a KFC chicken pot pie.)

His latest target was a box of good old-fashioned Dunkin’ Donuts. The process begins about three and a half minutes into the video above. He begins by scooping out jelly and cream filling, which he sets aside to use as a topping later.

Next, Terada begins to show off his crazy-impressive knife skills. He slices the doughnuts up so thin that they almost become unrecognizable. The end result is a sushi roll that looks genuinely tasty. Who knows? Maybe this will become the next New York City food hybrid trend.

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