OK Go Explains Going to Space For Its Latest Video

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OK Go has a long history of outlandish music videos featuring everything from treadmill choreography to Rube Goldberg machines, but it will be hard to top their latest one. In the video for “Upside Down & Inside Out,” a track off the band’s 2014 album Hungry Ghosts, they headed to the inner reaches of outer space for a jaw dropping experiment in low-gravity choreography.

To perfect their moves, the band spent several weeks at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center for ROSCOSMOS floating around an S7 Airline, doing take after take while they filmed the music video. A follow-up video takes fans behind the scenes as the band worked out the kinks of their zero G performance. It’s a fascinating—and funny—look at how the band did it with the members of OK Go and video co-director, Trish Sie, giving animated lessons in physics and the challenges of filming in space.

The only thing they don’t answer is how they are going to top this.

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