This Man Ate at All 46 London McDonald’s Locations in One Day

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James Ware woke up recently to find he was “hungry enough to eat a horse.” So, as any normal person would do, he went to McDonald’s…and then he went 45 more times.

During what he dubbed the “first ever McMarathon,” the YouTuber visited every McDonald’s restaurant in London in one day, eating a different meal at each location. “The idea is simple: to hit every McDonald’s restaurant in London in one day, trying a different dish at each and seeing if by the end I’m going to be lovin’ it or loathin’ it,” he said.

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Ware started the day by eating seven different Mickey D’s breakfasts, gorging on everything from pancakes to a breakfast burrito. He then moved on to the regular menu, including chicken McNuggets and burgers, before starting to run out of steam during his 22nd stop. “You know you’ve been to too many McDonald’s when you’re seriously considering ordering the Filet-o-Fish,” he said at store 29.

Finally, after just over 17 hours and approximately £90 ($130), Ware was able to complete his citywide fast food tour. “I’ve learned about parts of London I didn’t know, foods I didn’t know, and areas of my body I didn’t know could feel pain,” he concluded.

Watch the full video above.

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