This Woman Made A Robot That Makes Breakfast (Sort Of)

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For any fan of Pee-wee’s Big Adventure the idea of a machine that makes breakfast instantly conjures up a Rube Goldberg-esque delight that results in a talking pancake begging for more Mr. T cereal in its face. Simone Giertz’s breakfast-making machine is not like that at all. Instead, it’s a robotic arm programmed via complex coding to pour cereal and milk into a bowl, pick up a spoon, and feed it to Giertz while she’s otherwise occupied.

It’s a genius way to make sure that even the busiest robotics engineers eat the most important meal of the day. The only problem is that the robot doesn’t seem to be up to the task, failing miserably at every step.

While Giertz may need to make a few modifications to her robot, on the bright side, if a robot can’t get Cheerios in a bowl, it’s unlikely to become sentient, hook up with SkyNet, and take over the world any time soon.

Want to make your own breakfast-making robot? Giertz wrote a how-to guide.

[H/T Motherboard]

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