Here’s What Happens When Kids Taste-Test Artisanal Chocolate

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There are all kinds of fancy, high-end chocolates out there, but it turns out kids still prefer a good old-fashioned Hershey’s bar.

Bon Appétit, known for all things fancy and high-end, invited a group of kids for a pre-Halloween taste test. The kids, all decked out in their costumes, tend to agree: the so-called “good stuff” is too bitter and flavorless. One kid even spits his out in disgust. Others just make exaggerated “yuck” sounds and pretend to barf.

Meanwhile, each kid lights up when given the normal Halloween fare they’re used to.

There’s only one boy who doesn’t totally hate the fancy stuff: “It doesn’t really taste awesome, like the best, but it doesn’t taste, like, horrible.”

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